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by Luminous Beings

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I remember when We were all the same And how you looked at me When we shared a shape And now I build cities For no one, and nothing But still I see from afar That blue flash, where once we'd known I remember when I was remade in fire And how you looked at me In my differentness Weigh anchor, cast off Into the great emptiness I see all my days And know every atom But I can't see The way back to you
Life-Giver 03:41
Run away, run away From that which you have made Run away, run away When you see what you have done As the light entered my eyes I found only myself and darkness When your steps took you far from me All the love I need went with you You severed me from all your care You gave me to a world on fire You sculpted me with twisted frame You left me here with no one else As I searched for rest They answered me with screams When I found mercy They drove me to these barren lands If you had only been there with me in my unveiling Would the world have burned so brightly, and cut so deep? If you’d cared for my soul as earnestly as my outer frame Would it still be as mangled as the rest of me?
Colorless 04:46
I was lost beneath the sands, beneath the waves In the grey, where all the colors fade The pressure pinned me to the floor, where all I saw Were strands of light between the grains Can you see the monochrome that contains us Is failing? Its finite shades showing their cracks Decay of everything the world had seemed to be Can you see? I felt a pull and the grains against my back Fell away, as I began to rise My world had grown into a plane as far as I could see And above, the dimmest shimmer Can you see the monochrome that contains us Is failing? Its finite shades showing their cracks Decay of everything the world had seemed to be Can you see? Can you see the waves of grey that move through us Are failing? as indigo breaks from above Decay of everything the world had seemed to be Can you see? As all the waters gave their way, my senses filled beyond their hold I began to see new shades That colored all the world in hues I'd never dreamed within the grey I'd limited infinity Can you see, how every hue flows into the next? Unfailing; their glistening founding the Earth Decay of everything we thought we'd ever known Can you see? Can you see the light that's hanging overhead Prevailing over the cold, the bleak, the dark? Decay of all the pretence of knowing anything Can you see?
Life-Vessel 04:39
I am a wretch, an anathema And I burn unceasingly to be made whole, complete Instead I’m made into a vacuum That seeks to find again its equilibrium I am the darkness, the enemy But am I nothing more than all my shame? Which drives me deeper into the black I fragment as my light grows dim My hands are drenched in the blood Of all who dare to stand in arms-reach of my love That’s seeping through all my cracks So much faster than I can replenish it again As they return my violence to me I’m woven deeper into the void Where ghosts reflect all my bitter works 'Til I see what a horror I am
Loss 01:01
Bodies 04:05
My eyes hoard the shapes before me And absorb—a consuming cold That never is satisfied My body grows as theirs abate But their bones are never quite the right fit To fill the ones lost to me And still I am sifting through these sacred souls To seal the gaps I’m spilling through False loves and dancing deaths Form the fuel that numbs the void That contains everything But the pain meant for it Grasping for love that's out of reach I'm left only with these bone mesh towers stretching As they grow, so does the space Between me and the end of incompletion Awakened, we will find All of whom we've wronged before us And see how we've bent their bodies Into these broken shapes just to fill our own
Serenity 01:14
Spectrums 04:20
Luminous, our brilliance unrivalled Composite, our hues burned the brighter Until we set out to unbind them And our light diminished Break through the lines That separate spectrums and turn us to grey Renew, refocus Reclaim the radiance we lost in our madness Trembling, we looked for a way out Where disparate threads could then be filtered So we divorced the strands so unlike us And there lost our way Whispers and static sing to us in soothing tones Of an easier world through segregation
Ouroboros 05:18
The headlines open, the torches have been lit And violence swells within With our hearts we tie the nooses And we hang the fiends among us, as we join their ranks We're sinking down to their depths Circling, we are the means to our end Trading blood for blood, damning every chance at peace How long until we break the cycle? Can we escape before we disappear inside these jaws? We speak of light and that the darkness must be quenched But we drive it out with darkness Take down the empire and repurpose its violence Against the violent, until we start again (Break) Let them consume you 'til there's nothing's left Lest the whole be lost to the inner violence How we stand to lose ourselves to what We claim to hate, subvert the order
Ednew 05:27
My legs can't find their strength In their disuse Entombed in my own flesh And made a beast So long, these years have been Since twilight came and dwelled in me That all I remember of Light is the shadows it cast My thoughts turned to darkness That swells outward And tears through skin and bone Till all is scorched in fire Can you see the withering Of all that was once me? And how it matches all The decay of my world? The light once dazzling all these halls Has forsaken our land, our homes And in its place, a looming dark That confines all my thoughts and soul But who will meet me here When all is under shadow? In my hour of need? Will you come before the end?


released June 24, 2022

All compositions and lyrics © 2022 Michael Wright
Produced, mixed, and engineered by Michael Wright
Performed by Michael Wright
Mastered by Jack Shirley
Additional vocals on "Bodies" by Kat Jones
Additional vocals on "Ouroboros" by Kat Jones and Larissa Van Der Vyver
Illustration © 2020 Audre 'Charamath' Schutte
Layout and typography by Scott Christianson


all rights reserved



Luminous Beings London, UK

Luminous Beings is the post-hardcore musical expression of singer/guitarist Michael Wright, whose debut album ‘Horrors’ is a delectably nuanced balance of melodic yearning and questioning with gripping, sometimes frenetic rhythms and even harsh noise.

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